What is CladMe ?

CladMe is a “Visual Personalization Engine” built to create mass personalization of e-tailer product displays and provide a way for shoppers to see how they look on a product.

CladMe takes the guessing out of shopping and shows the shopper how they look on them.  

Shoppers can share on social media, compare  different products on them, mix and match products. 

It is very easy to integrate and works with websites or mobiles irrespective of what technology is used to build them.

The Problem

Shoppers prefer a brick and mortar store to eCommerce as there is no way to see how they look on the product.

More and more shopping happens by sharing and getting opinions on social media

Businesses looks for affordable ways to market their products and have brand visibility

The Solution

Create a customized portal for the shopper and a way to show the shopper with the product.

Create a way to engage the shopper and build ways to share your product on social media. Shoppers today share anything that is interesting.

Word of mouth marketing is the best way to market and word of marketing happens when there is something new to share.



CladMe is a very simple to integrate tool to enhance your store with minimal changes. CladMe transforms your store into a truly personalized one.

Result = A truly customized store.

It is fast, simple and smooth.

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